Rat, Cat, Bat.

Has anyone ever told you that your paradigm mantras are ostensibly regional and contrary to the Union stipulation of federalism? You hadn’t noticed it’s time to unite? Y’all feel like killing in the name of hating hate? It’s only that your turf of home, workplace, school, and vehicle is like a vector host scenario. We can have place and yet we puncture Limitrophes like bug and drug arcs.

Most disfavor hermeticism in the reality of its necessity. I freak for biological and synthetic psychotropic aerosols, hazmat, and sewage. There are civil and political boundaries and they are constantly breached, yet, are we to bug bomb all freight with insecticide? Who breaks the DOT seal on which rig or container? Does anyone comparatively assess multiple manufacturer and multiple pharmacy corporation logistical distribution of the “same things” in their brands’ or generics’ delivery and disposal trajectories? What’s in “botanicals”? What is clean food?

We know it’s the dispersal of island biogeographic inter-biome living organisms which have a statistical chance of establishing viable propagules of invasive insects, for example, whether their swarms are vector hosts to mutagenic speciating viral pathogen species or not. Funguses and microbial plethoras? Huh? Yet, I am no less frightened by a local basement synthesizing illicit pharmacologicals. Ya’know, hallucinogenic Jell-O shots at the MIT engineering frat where they inverted the central vac pump into a poundage hookah in premeditated efforts to teach freh cuties a bit of classical conditioning obedience delusion.

I disbelieve in the fruition of such as Carter’s heroic delusion of superfund. No one will take out the garbage, especially the most deleterious of it. In my own community, hazmat is recovered at an elementary school for four hours per year. My extra Caplyta if it’s “bedtime for bonzo”; dunno. Robbed of salts? I don’t know that either. All things are chaos; you may call me crazy.

In the economic theocracy; garbage and hazmat are as external as tailpipe carbonic. I’m worthless for thinking waste, hazmat and pesky superviruses which no one wants to buy are exemplary of a critical failure in the primary American theory. Proponents begin to complain as though a nuclear decision regarding totalitarian public versus private domain policy assertion need soon be executed.

So, as we swap spit with China, and as bat, cat and rat virology speciates in our guts during this year of the Ox; I believe primarily in the entropic schism humanity evermore induces into a finite earth whilst concocting the newfangled Bitcoin illogic excuse propaganda from the environmentalist side of the isle that perpetuates commodity market based consumption upon and within a world we have used up. Now simply to shatter our extractions and harvests of finite igneous and biometric product into smog and garbage.