Right Temporal Lobe Damage

Words like congenital, genetic, injury, hypoxia, and mortem surround my right side temporal lobe. I remember the day it happened and the effect of the damage the following day.

I have begun to believe that the right temporal lobe controls some compilation of functions inclusive of language cognition and of spatial and temporal cognition.

I postulate that I, and my prefrontal excess, are locked into a variated aspect of proximal self by the malformation/damage pto the right brain anterior to coronal structure of my cerebellum.

This, perhaps, makes questionable the application of traditional thinking on positive and negative systems as typically defined. I have made very clear for decades that I have not experienced the bizarre and discolored world of Hollywood sensationalized hallucinations nor the complex and populated set scenes and backdrops.

I will note here that I never watch TV and vastly prefer books and computing.