Scalar Clines Gradated

How is mind prison for other than those who know things? I have only said that there are places where it is not as it is said that it is. Most persons never see nor cross the Procrustean Limitrophic clines of their own and their rulers constructs. The clines in passage of these delineations are scalar and gradated. They are places and ideas.

I find undeniable zones here. A charlatan pretense of the power dissolves the eastern seaboard SC-MA confederal schism towards extroversion somehow when the federal power of the confederal countryside and population center zones is requisite.

It is the terminus of a biological age now. Life and energy derived from the sun and dormant beneath sedimentation are unlocked as non levitical fare breeds amidst communal proximities. Cold War infrastructure has occurred. Phases of organisms dead and fossilized are belched skyward above the increasingly entropic ecosphere. Bulging towards a carrying capacity of we the stated to be sapient mammalian organisms there is that microcosmic fume into the macroscopic. The death and the swirling archaea aerosolize and drift. Both exist as composite of the other. Fear now the statistical probabilities of speciations in the fog. Fear now the acid sky and sea.