Sensation and Perception

The Author

This clouded nocturne quells the diurnal star and moon lit behaviors of the forest Animalia. The damp midnight silence awakens merely an ontogenetic evolutionary vision into megahertz of neural synaptics hidden amidst the nourishing flesh of rodentia in the wet grasses.


Lagamorph nerves. Lone Aves… not a skein. Order strigiform sees the heart and mind like the skein’s perception of geomagnetism and power line anomalies. What? How? Oscilloscope? Telemetry? Magnetic resonance? Homing pigeons randomly driven in covered cages return to roost. The skeins fly seasonal routes in vespertine twilight as the sunset wanes and stars are emerging. A viper tastes the light of heat radiation. Bees see the ultraviolet glitter of pollen.

A dog hears a dog whistle and a human can’t. In the Amazon, a detritus beetle species which would usually inhabit the forest floor is often predated upon by a fungus. Imbibing ordinary dietary herbivory causes the beetle to die slowly as it climbs a tree away from its normal habitat while the fungus eats its alimentary tract and then heart, lungs and ganglion. Finally, aloft and clutching the tree and dead, the beetle’s exoskeleton ruptures and caps emerge… raining spores back down into the detritus habitat where the fungus continues it’s lifecycle and reproduction predation of insects.

Just as nicotine or coffee alkaloids will lead you to your kitchen or porch while half asleep, cocaine built Machu Pichu. The Machu Pichu trail enabled acidic coco leaf to be mixed with basic lime from seashells baked at the coast, into an edible pH neutral paste which when imbibed induced endurance and facilitated the carrying of low elevation rocks up mountains to the geologically different city construction site. Spain conquered Machu Pichu like Cortez killed Atahualpa and over 30,000 Inka.

In Mongolia herbalists noted that Ox at elevation became lively when grazing in certain places and later it was determined that worms left casings that improved hemoglobin oxygen carrying capacity.

Some people of Central African descent have a hemoglobin blood platelet disorder known as sickle cell anemia. It is a pain condition yet makes people with that genetic disorder immune to malaria. Comparatively, the British in Africa found that the bark of the Quinine tree could be added to gin to cure the pain. Quinine is still found in fine tonic and also can be purchased as a tincture powder.

Strangling parasitic poison ivy vine since the tree died and broke. Treated with glyphosate two weeks ago.

Poison ivy creates skin lesions. I treated this 4” diameter parasite poison ivy vine with glyphosate and it is now dead on the tree it had predated.

Conclusion: the sensory perception of animals varies in MHz and ppm by species. What is sensory perception and classical conditioning in all kingdoms given inter species competition, symbiosis and predation.