here will be told a story many want to hear… @STRIGSCI


This isn’t only about an early 19th century locus of power at Hartford/Springfield; spinning, rotating, Gins, Colts and Trapdoor Springfield Saint stock lathes. Also, it is of ideations at Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Newport, Lowell and Biddeford; . A “Battle of Hampton Roads” gone South, West and then South again. Beyond Richmond with it’s premise and Columbia with it’s flag. Beyond the ultimately manifold Sioux and tribal lands extirpations, and the end of an Imperial Havana. Gone from Moctezuma to Tripoli and somehow on the Orwellian Silver Road towards the spice islands with time as confused as Matt 2 and Surah 61 at whatever Baghdad is; nearly East of Bethlehem. Like the doctrinal premise from Monroe; a story of the Trusts, threatened by axial theoretical undertones, and of Imperialism abdicating.

Massachusetts Bay Colony

Trusts and Kings