Simon A. Flynn

“…in dialectical wildernesses, demanded of me is verse.”




I study to achieve an articulate synopsis of the grand human construct amidst political, cultural and biometric paradigms.

We all somehow participate in the harvest, extraction, consumption, combustion, construction, discarding and remediation and relegation to externality, of matter through systems, and we must move relative to this matter across these boundaries in the biosphere, for all of these purposes.

A correlary to my study of a primarily macroscopic perspective on resource utilization is a study of conflict generated by scarcity. Such are the systematics of how we sapiens will survive or may perish, due to famine, strife, finite natural resources depletion, or because of toxicities, or because of what equate to inter species competitions, primarily now in virology and Animalia, yet in truth throughout all life; within our own and nature’s biometric realities.

I like the idea of experimenting with lands and forests. Pictured, Glyphosate or Miracle Gro. I prefer reciprocating saws with demolition blades instead of chainsaws.
I very much want to cook dinner with a beautiful woman. Here is a still incomplete page of mine.


I Remember George
Fire Ecology