Simon A. Flynn

I am Simon Flynn. Admittedly my life has seen the complexities which have left me celibate for decades in search of a wife, whilst encumbered by other purportedly requisite pursuits deemed foundational to success. Yet, somehow, I have always found matrimony and it’s biological results to be the singular aspect of import generative of real purpose and meaning.

As time has passed, therefore, I have made jetsam of coin and delusions which never seemed to yield my stated outcome. So, accordingly, there is for me only the refinement of this polarity of heaven and earth which seems so duplicitously both the spirit and vitality of my mission. Ascetic abandonment of bread in this context of metaphor is in fact most desirably heavenly and yet de facto an impossibility due; to a real need for real daily bread. Essentially, I have finally gotten my feet on the ground with guarantee of sustenance and shelter, coupled with my stance in a defensible position, to find requisite wheat for this statement’s lament of reality’s hinderance of love. I have come to believe that while pursuing the faith in love and salvation is undeniably heavenly and eternal; whilst flesh and blood we need hear the call of this finite earth and its produce. And, that it is not merely photons, evapotranspiration and photosynthesis which brings us the stuffs of orchards, the reapings and the lamb. Toils of sorts, evolving over timespans and often misunderstood, does in fact find requisite place in soulful pursuit of pure faith and purpose. After all, as flesh we are elevated from the place with babe through the suffering and trials of our existence as one. Then, in the ascendancy of what bread has built; love finds itself to be in fact alive and not alone.



Eligible 46y/o Bachelor of Science | Seeking First Date in Open Courtship | Internet Friend First is Requisite | Monogamous, Hermetic, Solitary, Introverted. | Celibate 20+ years. | Roman Catholic | Seeking my First Wife|

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