Spectral Vantage

I, a z-score statistical point externalized like wisdom and knowledge of another realm dwelling there beyond the Alpha and Omega, am peripheral to thee modalities of normalcy. I write from my anomalous cloister. I fear my contribution slandered despite being a sincere philanthropy pertaining to abysmally divergent ideations repugnant to security thine.

Flock of heroes to babes; neither fear, fight, nor embrace the spectral shadows. Hear me that say your salvation in not transgressing thy paradigmatic ways lies within the battened hull where ye reside and wether the storm. Such a blessing, unto and through that ethereal lense, mine schism, and unto this central wisp -this broken and cowering vantage of youth peers nearing success. I see the hearthstones glimmer in the computer transponder web where from beyond the perimeter limitrophe this my shattered in a darkness soul doth now trod.

The network seen is a region zone’s coverage. From Vedic a word has entered the sphere like an autonomous species propagule uttering the sentiment of there being only one perspective. The Vedic word is Mantra. Thus, my sole warning is to beware the compulsion to align with a mantra whilst being careful not to. Know you are in the salvation of a particular normalcy. And, avoid the wilderness beyond your perimeter unless your path is known and you needn’t travel alone.