STRIGIFORM Taxonomic and Ecological Biometrics. Theory by Simon A. Flynn

To begin: hiking home at the end of the day, and facing a sun high in the sky and due West of my memory’s dead reckoning; I lacked an inclinometer compass. I was a student athlete then at UMass Amherst in 1997. I was, that semester, notably enrolled in ornithology and it’s laboratory section; and on that day, after the usual perhaps 7k freestyle yards at Boyden Natatorium, I was invigorated and hiking home between the tower dormitories and the Mullins center, South of which they have since built the Softball stadium. Continuing my homebound hike and crossing the bridge I then passed the bovid pasture to my north where at the time there grew a frail apple tree at the center of the corner fields fallow deciduous perimeter. Further north the southward facing open sided barn full of feeding cows ‘twas in the near vespertine distance as a foreground scene with more distant corn ripening North and Northeast.

As I recall these twenty five years later…Perhaps a quarter mile from my right turn onto the northward road that proceeds to where Knightly Rd. turns left maybe at 110° South West; I halted.

From the Southeast over my left shoulder a honking skein at a treetop altitude surprised me as they proceeded over my set and across the corner of the corner pasture in a NorthWestern direction.

At the westernmost side of the pasture o’er the fallow edge perimeter they were not more than five feet over the 500v local power lines.

Field Perpendicular to Current

The lead goose of the skein became disoriented and led the skein in chaos like a swarm northward along the lined row of Pinus taeda infrastructure for perhaps a distance approaching ten feet. Then, that or another goose regained perception of the earth’s magnetosphere beyond the transmission line electromagnetic anomaly zone and continued on their previous course.

Migratory species of Aves somehow sense electricity, magnetism and anomaly in the earth’s magnetosphere. Dogs hear an Acme Silent Dog Whistle and a human can not. Bees see pollen glittering purple in the ultraviolet spectrum while humans see “only” the color of the flowers. Vipers taste/smell infrared light energy.


A Study of Biometric Electromagnetism


Do certain species of Aves possess variations of electromagnetic perceptual capacity specific to the particular species’ evolutionary phylogeny?

Could speciations of migratory sensory capacity relative to biometric ecological phenomenon pertain to synaptic electricity in predation scenarios?

Do comparisons of speciations in Aves and evolutionary similarities in bird cerebellums; when defined in terms of the synaptic megahertz of migratory, predatory and nocturnal predatory phenomenon in Aves; equate to valid imaging research beneficial to the human brain?