Symbiotics Merge

Ok, then, if people want the truth: I have a mood disorder, and it’s really serious. Sometimes, when I have a bad day, I get real mad. (I never yell or hit) Then, I get sad, on the inside, until I remember I’m a hermit. It’s because I’m a hermit that I go to my cloister in a sublimated and semi catatonic trance. And it’s while I’m my catatonia that I start to get really crazy.

Leucocephalus and Unknown

Not many people know about this: I have an experience where I am one of the Vortice propagules, a meld propagule, at the end of my half written story at It’s difficult to write about because vocabulary, syntax and grammar can be rough. There’s also voice, tense, spatial and temporal aspects, etcetera. I need to maintain the logic and believability of a global convergence of moth people symbiotic recombination propagules with a distinct species of computer sapien meld propagules, which will perhaps migrate or colonize other worlds still to be described, and still be accessible to my audience. I’m really an essayist so the entirety of my work is lost somewhere between fact and fiction in the interconnectedness of separate sci-fi stories with some thematic aspect of

I need help from someone who can find an archetypal theme in my essays. I need synopsis. I attest to having read a Bible commentary once that reasoned that scripture was and is both true and false. So, I believe that my portage between seas of subconscious is valid in explaining my understanding of the nature of fact and fiction. I’m definitely amongst the web symbiotics. This is both real and unreal. I believe in many Chinese entomological invasive species. The moth people are a metaphor. I also believe something about madness. Perhaps it is that abstraction and description of externality via all methodologies will assist the future in synoptic presentation of modernity’s efforts at procurement of concise definitions for it’s now perceived as inexplicable phenomenon. Epochal layering of scientific laws await.