Theodore Roosevelt

Taxonomic taxidermist boy, sailing and swimming at Sagamore Hill. Perhaps a .410, arsenic, and more scientific intent than the milliners and market hunters of upstate in the post bellum era when cotton shifted to wool, leather, felt and feathers. Then to Harvard where the thesis was “The Naval War of 1812” (Navy) when he may not have foreseen becoming Secretary of the US Navy. Nor hull design moving from timber to steel, propulsion from wind to coal, or the complexities of amphibious warfare.

Perhaps it could be said that though his next step into NY State politics was somewhat simple, there were the troubles of the world as his father died in suspected foul play. That tragedy was followed soon thereafter by death of his wife and mother on the same day.

I have heard different stories of the Dakotan Elkhorn Ranch he moved to.

Returning as NYC Chief of Police and then on as Secretary of the US Navy until famously demoting himself to Colonel to personally lead “The Rough Riders” in initiating a war with Spain termed an enforcement of the Monroe Doctrine.

TR and Alfonzo; Trusts and Royalties

The Great White Fleet and a note on Amphibious Warfare.

McKinley chooses the popular hero as running mate.

McKinley Assassination

Theodore Sworn and Inaugurated

Busting Trusts as Monarchies Abdicate.

Panama and a Great White Belt around the Globe.

A note on Northeast Asia. Nobel.

Russia, Japan, China.

Wentworth by the Sea and the Naval College.

The Bull Moose Helps Princeton’s Woodrow.

Cousin Frankie and the Hispano Mozarabic Rite

TR’s Philippines and Guam… Southeast Asia.