Hispano Mozarabic Rite. Roman Catholic Missal p. 837

Parallels between theology and science exist.

At alpha, at the definitions of the beginning…

From the formation of matter when a star was for day and another from night, and from the deep was the firmament. The command swept through ages of geological tectonics in thermal igneous dynamism and saw the boiling aqueous flux, where into the swirling acids of life went the code. And, it, enveloped in pre cellular vacuoles, the vessels then imbibing proximal prokaryotic like bits then assimilated and divided into the recapitulation replication that spoke the matter’s beginning towards its end. The multicellular evolution of life then began, as the bubbling divisions into famed hydra did occur.

Eventually, into anthropology the command first breathed into nostrils the perfected sequential sapience of all creation, and thence into the grandeur of the sapience recapitulation lineage following towards the progeny neath a star, and saw good all the creature individuals being of their kinds within futtock limitrophs of Kingdoms and Orders proceeding, where eventually the life did populate as organisms increasing in number o’er the world and perchance once and again all trampling into dust expanses of the geocentric rock …except for our dominion, our command, that o’er sea and land, we doth watch for the dominion.

Aridity increased once and perhaps again as was said. Then, the desertification of Northern Africa sent a flood of competing organisms including those the two known propagules and their propagants towards being him of the one book sapience to be lived and lived again for us; away from the gathering dust and into the diminishing riparian limnology of the Nile watershed towards the second garden from which denials distinguished perhaps his presentation to Pilate for the trial and Golgotha here half ascended. Beginnings and Ends abound.

A note on the history of the USA: “Slavery”, yet purportedly not northern indenture, was a peaceful agrarian caste system based on skin pigmentation that was facilitated by the French merchant marine and Navy. At the time of the first of the two Abraham Lincoln Steven Douglas debate actions resulting in the Civil southward Union campaign to federalize the US with 1862 Acts, and prior to the second Union campaign to extirpate the Sioux wherettofor then the third Union era campaign proceeded in conquest of Spain; the cities of Lowell and Biddeford in Massachusetts Bay Colony industrialized the global textile marketplace, and furbearer extirpations for felts, war ensued until the reactive post bellum Klu Klux Klan arose with increasing violence in response to a Pentateuchal damnation social complex amidst the Northern mill worker men of one book. Yet, exodus was perhaps an ecological collapse and not the divine punishment of a woman who had fed her husband. Desertification crushed Egypt’s riparian agronomy and constricted the pharaonic state into the oppression, blood, locusts and gnats. Again, however, our more complex and rational modern minds know that encroachment of sand and dust was more likely an ecological and meteorological catastrophe and not our blessed Lord God punishing the woman Eve, for picking an apple. Still, by that time, both Alfonzo el Africano and Wilhelm III abdicated their Royal appointments as European foment began to raise a fervor apres the Union conquerors of Spain.

Returning: Arising amidst the Nile population influx of people and sometimes invasive biotics deleterious to the sapien propagule lineage and to the specified life; exponential increase of resource scarcity created stressors upon agronomy and the society’s systematics and governing paradigm. Law became oppressive and violent as the carrying capacity of the land was exceeded. Certain invasive biotic species and additional species borne by migrational vector hosts would have become as though Covid, Lyme, Rabies and H5N1 infestation plagues of proverbial gnats and locusts. The ecological biometrics had collapsed into dust entropy. 7 letters sent. Beginnings and endings abound.

From the constricting sands and dying croplands did Moses secure the release of the sapience from this pharaonic state and within the failing ecology of the once verdant yet now swirling dust, via swirling acid codes in their cellular flesh, and did proclaim the clean and the unclean for us the sapient to eat. 7 letters sent. Beginnings and ends abound.

The first wilderness and the commandments from the old were returned to for the new and constitute paradigms for Isaac in the cloud without a ram and Jesus to return to in escaping Herod when warned by the Maji.

Map of patriarchs; Moses and censors pronounce agronomical law of Leviticus and a census is taken as scrolls of geospatial significance are begun to record settler patriarchal definitions of Israeli, Roman, Iberian, Frankish, Greco and other places and throughout these zonal and fluctuating often lingual territories where in the migratory sequence some say one of three tribes escaped from Babel to bury the tablets upon a distant American mountain. This progress, of course, had occurred by long ago.

The Herod Question of the Abrahamic texts within the Bible and Quran: 23 Years in Sinai Wilderness towards Egypt until “A Prophet is not Welcome in his Hometown” or Jesus’s purported Quranic prophecy of the subsequent prophet Ahmad denotes the significance of the Star in the East? Matthieu 2 and Surah 61 may pertain to debate of conflict being of these divergent theologies or of remnant requisite stuffs, swirling in the dust.