Transportation and Species

Let’s establish definitive protocols for taxonomic and otherwise biometric identification of all 20th and 21st century insects, funguses, animals, viruses, and virological vector species symbiosises invasive to the USA. Among those, we should identify pathogens zoonotic to sapiens. It might be optimal to begin with the 1918 Army Distinguished Service Medal, Influenza, Polio, DUTCH Elm, and CHINESE Chestnut blights contextual to the abdication time of Alfonzo el Africano and Wilhelm III -as pertain to the Spanish American Campaign… especially in consideration of the assassination of President William McKinley by Czolgost. Also, note of contemporaneous acceleration of island biogeographic species dispersal and instances of viable fecundity of introduced propagules as defined by GIS need be made with consideration of advancements in the transportation sector before and certainly since the 1862 Pacific Rail, 1956 Superhighway and National Defense Acts, and 1976 Magnusen Stevens Marine Fisheries Act relative to territorial maritime law..

Original range of the now de facto extinct American Chesnut.