Veteran of This Civil War

STRIGIFORM SCIENTIFIC is my achievement but I was maimed in 1994. I like to think that is resultant of a dozen or so million dollars spent on my brain, combined with some sort of work ethic and a predisposition to nation and agronomy. I find it difficult to express my belief that I am a civil war veteran, and I’ve never fired a Trapdoor Springfield Saint. I’m very troubled by anachronism such as that our modern lexicon of truth unequivocally states that abolitionist sentiment and BLM (not DOI) are the singularly valid contemporaneous populism pertaining to modernity. Further, the absence of ideation that Union trade and territorial acquisition in those modern presentations of proofs as to the civil hostilities of the 1860’s is complicated morally by the Indian and Spanish campaigns. How to reconcile truth and mantra media politics?