Virology Externalities.

“Food Product”

Assessing Eastern Seaboard Mammalian Blood and Blood Parisitism Entomology, and any Pertaining Human or Nonhuman Food Product Borne Virulence.

Evidentiary Aspects of Murder Hornet/Tick/Mosquito/Bat/Raccoon/Coyote/Fox/Pet or Livestock, Etcetera, Disease Dispersal Biometrics in Comparative Context of Prior Eastern Seaboard Mammalian Zoonoses Contagions Effecting Humanity.

Zoonotic Host Behavioralism and Mortality Factors Indicating Temporality Aspects of Transmission Virulence Within the Hematological Viral Interfaces of Any and All Speciated Viral Strains, Here Being External to the Current USA Transportation Sector Mobilized Virulence Species, Yet, Demonstrating Potential Dispersal Characteristics Amidst Externalities Proximal to Human Habitation Networks and Structures.

Biometric Systems Mensuration Dynamics of Disease in Host Scenarios at Correlated Population Perimeter Limitrophes Defined as Potentially Becoming Proximal to Hominidaes sapiens Civil System Aspects and Threatening Breach into Potentially Integrated Air and Water Circulation Systems.

Wild, Airborne, Mammalian and Entomological (Aves, H5N1?) Vector Species Population Biometrics as They and Their Aerosols Pertain to Additional Ecological Externalities of Infected Terrestrial Host Population Dispersals of Both Wild and Domestic Mammals and Insects, Perhaps Interacting, and Having Potentials to Breach the Civilization Limitrophe, as Host Organism Blood Parasitism Scenarios Diversify In and Surrounding Animalia.

Absent Leviticus 11 Dietary Exclusions in Western Culture; is Foreign Populace Hematology “Inoculated” to More Animal and Insect Disease via Their True Omnivorousness Which Are Externalities to Western Dietary and Blood Components Which Are Also Present Within Both Human and Nonhuman Food Supplies, and Their Transportation and Storage Scenarios? Similarly, is There a Worthy Comparison to Pasteur’s Experimentations With the Rabies Zoonosis?