Watson and Crick

Watson and Crick.

Watson and Crick


Crick was a pure genius and mortals had difficulties understanding the helical discovery. Watson, evidently, was an intolerable subordinate who nonetheless had the skill of departing from the lab to inform the pitiful mortals of stories like “whirled peas bumper sticker design project” to such inferiors as various Yale deans and Alabama State ARMY ROTC sophomores about genetic acids… securely, of course, because balances were chained down until the arrival of Bed Bath and Beyond food scales. Security was initially so that the kids couldn’t manufacture psychotropic drugs for campus distribution and get high to race I-95 and I-80 with Cabelas night vision and no headlights. So, at the purported culmination of this the greatest scientific discovery ever, Watson actually disappeared in his home into it’s private lab behind a wine cellar wall and through an engineer’s ongoing redesign of the foundational concrete. (Grad school punk) Later, the newly declassified movie The Fly Part II was made for cannabis users to perceive a 100% accurate depiction of how he had been genetically recombinatated with his golden retriever into an eight appendage and two headed man dog after accidentally imbibing a particulate beta beta gamma ohm 33-A-724(i) protein globule/microfibril cocoon. The cocoon weevil then proceeded to build a polymer apparatus synapse beacon at Crick’s corpus colossum and in accordance with a hyper drive Newtonian force of gravitation, the “various classified components of DNA” generative of sapien/canid ribosomal protein polymers there being sequentially structured by the genetic acid bundle apparatus led to the emergence of the “DNA Dog Man”. Meanwhile, there had been some clandestine hububaloo between Crick and Manhattan project radiologists that was unknown to Watson, yet the claims were dismissed by the Deans. Today, few posess the requisite VHS magnetic technology and magnetic film magnetism to optic tube display array systems requisite to examine the original Fly II film records. Crick remained a man dog for the rest of his life, in human years, no less. Yet after his expulsion from Yale, and mysterious disappearances elsewhere, it is believed that an Acme silent dog whistle provided classical conditioning so that he became able to continue to mess with the codes of life. Possibly escaping to a jungle habitat beneath the Chinese solstice zodiac constellation and living on local dog food, he may have been in Hubei as late as 1990. Other species to species mutagenic conglomeration colleagues of the man dog may still be continuing Cricks work.